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Packer HCL, Windows, and vsphere-iso

2020-07-20 2 min read Taylor Vories
The code I learn by example, so see my github repo for the full source code! https://github.com/tvories/packer-vsphere-hcl Packer, as of 1.5, now supports HCL. This gives it a lot more flexibility over regular JSON and makes it very similar to terraform. There aren’t a lot of great examples of how to convert packer from json to HCL, though, and practically zero that leverage vsphere-iso as the builder. Most of the HCL example code for packer is written for aws. Continue reading

Ansible Playbook to Join Ubuntu/Debian to Active Directory Using Realmd

2017-07-28 1 min read article Taylor Vories
Ansible is a great tool to automate everything in your environment. This is an example of how I set up an Ansible playbook for newly deployed Linux server. Overview A while back, I was able to get my Ubuntu servers to join my Active Directory domain thanks to Wolfhaven’s excellent blog post on the topic. It was the most native way I could find to get the Active Directory integration to work. Continue reading

Join Raspberry Pi to Active Directory (Rasbpian) Using Realmd

2016-11-08 6 min read article Taylor Vories
I’ve been working with Ansible lately so I’ve been trying to automate everything I can. I work with Linux systems in AD, so I’ve been trying to figure out a way to auto deploy and join to my domain. Since I had a few Pis laying around, I decided to set them up on my domain as well. I will also include a link to my Ansible playbook that automates this process. Continue reading

About Me

0001-01-01 1 min read bio about meta
I am Taylor and I like tinkering. I enjoy working with all sorts of technology. Professionally, I am a Systems Engineer and I work with infrastructure automation. Outside of work, I enjoy micro controllers and mixing traditionally non-tech hobbies with the tech world, like gardening or beer brewing. Check out my LinkedIn profile for my professional experience.